MUSIC in Hospital Expo

2019-10-30 16:12:34


From October 23rd to 26th, the 32nd HOSPITAL EXPO was held in JCC, Jakarta, Indonesia. Lonwin Medical has been actively implementing its vision of "Imaging for life", presenting its latest MRI with MUSIC system in this EXPO.



Indonesia's medical equipment market is one of the largest in the world, with 80% of medical equipment imported. In recent years, with the continuous investment of the Indonesian government in medical infrastructures, the number of hospitals has been increasing year by year. According to official statistics, the number of hospitals reached 2,386 in 2015, and the number is still increasing year by year.


Lonwin Medical demonstrated a new generation of MUSIC MR to visitors, and attracted a large number of buyers, medical professionals to visit and exchange.



MUSIC system improves the convenience of MRI operation, realizes the whole body scan without re-positioning of patients, without replacing the coils, greatly saves the scanning time, and makes the MRI scanning more simple and fast. More patients could be scanned at the same time, that is most important for the market of Indonesia which has large population, but lack of imaging equipment.


Focused on excellent performance, SuperVan 1.5T perfectly meets your needs of quantitative study in MRI practice – with new generation of quantitative analysis tools to fulfill precision medicine and latest applications to broaden your clinical scope.



With more than a decade history in the MRI field, Lonwin provides stable and satisfactory medical technologies and services that shape a new trend of patient care, also Lonwin is a leader of Chinese MRI and will always keep the pace with the frontier of new technologies.


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